3 Signs of Tooth Decay 


Tooth decay can start mild but, it can quickly escalate into something a lot worse. If you start to notice signs of tooth decay in your mouth, contacting your 61032 dentist is the best solution. Read on to learn about common tooth decay signs from your 61032 dentist


Tooth Ache, Oh No! 


If you are feeling a tooth ache, it’s probably not a good sign. Toothaches can be caused by not brushing correctly or eating sugary or sticky foods. 


If you don’t take care of a toothache, it could keep getting worse and could be an early sign of tooth decay; make sure to mention this to your dentist at your next check-up.  


Tooth Sensitivity 


Super hot or cold foods can always be sensitive to your teeth, but if your teeth become extremely sensitive, it could be a more serious problem. 


Tooth sensitivity may be caused by worn-down enamel, making super hot or cold foods more irritating to your teeth. A weak enamel can lead to other issues and should be mentioned to your dentist.  


White Spots 


If your dentist notices white spots on your enamel (usually by the gum line), this could be a sign of a cavity, which could turn into tooth decay if not treated properly. 


Proper cleaning and dental check-ups will ensure that white spots are not unnoticed and can be caught quickly.  


Ask Your 61032 Dentist About How to Avoid Tooth Decay! 


Tooth decay can turn into an extremely serious issue, but if caught quickly, your 61032 dentist will be able to ensure your teeth stay healthy and clean. Let’s keep our teeth in shape, schedule an appointment with us today!